No. The tickets cannot be booked directly at the multiplex. Tickets can only be booked on www.dekhomovie.in


  • Dekhomovie vouchers are not transferable.


The validity is mentioned on the voucher


  • Once the tickets are booked you cannot cancel /amend the booking


  • Yes you will. Do remember to give two unique options of date and multiplex/theatre.


  • The Dekhomovie vouchers are valid for booking for shows as mentioned on the type of voucher/ card you hold.

The voucher is valid for best available silver class seats and not valid for paid preview, premier and gold class seats.


  • The seats choice is not available .You will be provided the best available seats at the time of booking.


  • Dekhomovie booking services is to facilitate bookings for special customers only .This service is not open to book for all.


  • No. The booking has to be for a currently running movie or released movie.


  • This can only happen if you present the wrong information at the box office. Please remember the number that you have to show is the ticket number and NOT the voucher number. The ticket number is the one you receive when you have booked your movie tickets by giving two choice of multiplex and time. In spite of this should it ever happen that your ticket is not accepted you will be entitled to a full refund of the same by presenting the proof of the same?


  • Simply put this means that you have to use the voucher for watching a show before 31st of the month.

So as not to miss out the use of the voucher, ensure that you request for booking atleast 1 day before the expiry date. The system will not accept your bookings later than that or for screenings beyond the expiry date.

No you can't do group booking at dekhomovie.Only one user can redeem one voucher in a single day.

You will be allotted booking for first voucher and the remaining will be considered deemed to be used but you will not get booking against those vouchers.